Our secret ingredients

What’s the first thing you think about in the morning?

At WITH, we’re hungry and we think about breakfast, because lunch is a little later. We remember what our mother used to say when she woke us up by opening the window wide:

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, don’t go out without eating it”.

WITH Cereal Collection is all about that. Far beyond nutrition, an incentive to wake up and see our faces (literally). For all this, we have developed 6 different types of boxes where you will find all our workers divided by sections and in different styles: Managers, Project Managers, Developers, Designers, RRSS and Office.

Discover our products, packs and collections! Play the mini-games on the back of the box! And now, if you have a lot of milk, collect them!


After eating our cereals, you may find our team extremely sweet.

Don’t forget! With workers are not chocolatey and don’t taste any better dipped in milk.


WITH Cereal is an internal WITH Madrid campaign. We created our cereal boxes inspired by each of our work teams (CEO, Development, Design, Project Manager, RRSS and Finance). The people who appear on the boxes are employees of WITH Madrid.

  • Pixel Choco (Design Delights): Our design team's cereal is a feast for the eyes, mirroring the boundless creativity that fuels our projects.

  • Push to Bowl (Mixing Code): Our development team's package reveals that no complex code can withstand these delicious flakes. Once you've tasted them, you'll witness the magical solutions that enable our digital marvels.

  • Proosties: These cereals are the perfect balance for maintaining an optimal daily routine. They enable you to tackle your tasks with positive energy and foster camaraderie among all your colleagues in your work team

  • Choco Bliss (HR, Communication, and Finance Fusion): Indulge in our chocolate-flavored cereals, crafted to ensure harmony in your daily routine. Embrace the serenity of everything running smoothly, every single day thanks to this amazing choco delight.

  • Cyberballs (CEO & production): Cyberballs for all the captains of large teams, to be able to lead, achieve 100% productivity and stimulate teamwork to meet and exceed targets every year.

  • CooBROS (Coofounders and Mario Bros)